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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science will provide you with in-depth knowledge of systems infrastructure, software methods and technologies, and application technologies from both the theoretical and practical aspects.

This degree will also provide you with a fundamental understanding of all aspects of computer technology, computer hardware, operating systems, computer networks, data structures and algorithms, database systems, software engineering and organisational issues.

Bachelor of Accounting and Financing

The degree in Accounting and  aims to train professionals who are going to pursue careers in areas of investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, consulting and financial management.

Advanced Diploma in Diesel Plant Engineering

This advanced diploma is delivered with a strong practical focus and gives extensive coverage in the various fields of Diesel plant engineering.  Anyone who wants to gain a solid knowledge of the key elements of Diesel Plant Engineering to improve their work skills and to further their job prospects, including: Electrical Engineers, Electricians, Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors, Energy Management Consultants,  Automation and Process Engineers, Design Engineers 

Bachelor of Business Admin in Marketing

The BBA in Marketing Management program includes intensive applied business training with an emphasis on marketing management, as well as new and emerging media and marketing analytics. The practical learning outcomes are grounded in curriculum that is accountable, global, team-based and uses contemporary quantitative and qualitative tools.

Whether you’re considering a degree that will give you a fantastic grounding for your future career, or you want to hone and develop your skills further with the latest professional development training, GIPS is a great choice.